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Magnifying Endoscopy Helps...

October 05,2016

Magnifying endoscopy with image-enhanced endoscopy (ME-IEE) may provide improved diagnostic performance for early gastric cancer, according to a new study.

A review of studies by Soma Nei, of Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) ad...


Modify your emotions

September 16,2016
Sergey Nivens

Training the brain to treat itself is a promising therapy for traumatic stress. The training uses an auditory or visual signal that corresponds to the activity of a particular brain region, called neurofeedback, which can guide people to regulate their own brain activ...


Photoacoustic imaging tapped

August 15,2016
Liz Meszaros

n the future, photoacoustic imaging (PAI) may help clinicians more accurately monitor patients with prostate cancer, and better distinguish early stage tumors from advanced cancers, according to study results from researchers in Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo,...


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